Monday, June 1, 2009

Suddenly, my own debt load seems just a little less — and I do mean a little less — burdensome

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The debt I have is supposed to be the "good" kind. The kind taken on by entrepreneurs willing to risk their financial future on a dream . . .
Well, putting aside the goodness or badness of my debt, here's something that made me feel like a towering symbol of responsibility by contrast:
U.S. Debt $668,621 Per Household

No that's not a typo: that's the statistic according to USA Today. The folks over there have done some really great work this week with another interesting interactive chart attached to an article about the nation's debt. If they keep this up, I'll have to stop considering it a useless free newspaper I step over when leaving a hotel room. The numbers it reports are staggering.

Again, I wish I could include the interactive chart it shows, but it breaks down the $668,621 by various components of federal government debt ($546,668) and personal debt ($121,953). Presumably that means this astronomical figure does not even include state and local government debt.

Well, that passed quickly. I'm back to looking at the mountain of my personal debt.
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  1. You still plugging along, Starving? If not, what are you up to now?