Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hot or not, you can become a starving solo

Ran across this at jdunderground.com:
Subject: ran into an incredibly hot former classmate of mine the other day. She is a starving solo.
May 10, 2009 - 2:59 pm

everyone says being HOT gets you a law job. I have to agree that looks is important in law.
However I ran into a really really hot former classmate of mine from my TTT law school. Young, long blond hair, and with a great great figure.
No job. Starving solo....
I'm nowhere near "hot" — not that I think things are the same for men in any event — but I landed a plum job at a prestigious firm right out of law school in a down market. I guess I was "hot" in another way — near the top of my class.
Now I'm a starving solo. Just like the hot blonde (blondes aren't my thing, but I'll take this guy's word for it). 
And to her I say: "Welcome and good luck. When you're starving, use what you've got. Consider a divorce practice.  A nice photo in your ads, and I'm sure you could line up divorcing men all the way around the block."
I don't have that advantage!


  1. Glad to see by this recent post that you haven't taken down the shingle!

  2. Thanks, DC. The shingle is only hanging by one o its two hooks, but it's hanging!

  3. Is the shingle still hanging? How are things going?